CBS's Tomorrow—"The Thinking Machine" (Excerpt)

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NARRATOR: Tomorrow, a preview of the future as it begins to take shape in the laboratories of the world.

DAVID WAYNE: Good evening. I'm David Wayne, and as all of you are, I'm concerned with the world in which we're going to live tomorrow. A world in which a new machine, the digital computer, may be of even greater importance than the atomic bomb. Can machines really think? Even the scientists argue that one.

SCIENTIST 1: I don't believe that we can say yet that machines do think. I have a basic question which I always ask. And that is are these producing anything really new. Until I see a machine producing genuinely new things, I will not agree that machines think.

SCIENTIST 2: I confidently expect that within a matter of 10 or 15 years something will emerge from the laboratories which is not too far from the robot of science fiction fame.