Highlights of Charles M. Vest’s Inauguration

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CHARLES M. VEST: This is indeed a splendid moment as we gather to celebrate a great institution, to renew our commitment to a set of ideals, to mark a passage, and to set a course for the future.


Yet for me and my family, it is also an intensely personal experience and one that we are honored to share. A journey that began on a warm family in a small town in West Virginia has led to center stage in Killian Court, where my own path and that of the institute have come together in this symbolic moment.

What, then, is my vision of MIT a decade hence? MIT will be a preeminent wellspring of scientific knowledge and technological innovation. MIT will better reflect in our students, our faculty, and our staff the changing face of America.

MIT will spearhead efforts to rekindle our nation's belief in the importance of scientific research and education. MIT will stand for integrity in all that it does. MIT will serve our nation well but also be of and for the greater world community.

Together we will give shape to the future, the future of MIT, our nation, and our world. Thank you very much.