"Infra-Red Dating Game" (1996)

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SARAIKA: Hi, welcome to the MIT Infrared Dating Game. We're coming to you live from the Center for Advanced Educational Services. We're here in Building 9, room 450, as part of the Charm School activities for today.

So if you're in Lobby 10 or Lobby 7, come on by. We need people to be contestants. We need members of the studio audience.

I'm Saraika. I'm going to be your host for this afternoon. With me today is Professor John Hansman. He is our infrared consultant to the MIT Love Lab. So we're going to tell you the rules of the game now.

HANSMAN: OK, basically, we're going to run this a lot like the original Dating Game. But we've got a little twist here. We're going to let people see the contestants-- or what we call warm bodies-- in the infrared spectrum.

What we've done is set up an infrared camera on the other side of the studio. And you can see in the infrared image here, our test warm body, our calibration body is over there. I've set up the camera.

We can control the camera from here so that we're only looking at temperatures between about 74 and 76 degrees. So you can see an outline of their body. As we increase the dynamic range here, you can see that we're seeing the temperature's up to about 96 degrees.

Now, the reason why we can see those temperatures is that people give off heat in the infrared spectrum, or energy in the infrared spectrum. And we're actually looking at the energy with a camera. OK? So let's get started. And let's get our first contestant

SARAIKA: OK, well, let's introduce our first contestant, Sandy.

HANSMAN: All right, Sandy. Before we get started, let me give you a microphone. OK? So what year are you?

SANDY: I'm a sophomore.

HANSMAN: OK, step up a little bit closer. And where you from?

SANDY: I'm from New York.

HANSMAN: OK, and New York. OK, and we have now, up on the monitor, our first warm body. Warm body 1, what's your name?

LISETTE: Hi, I'm Lisette.

HANSMAN: Lucette?

LISETTE: Lisette.

HANSMAN: Lisette, all right. OK, well, go ahead, Sandy. You're up.

SANDY: OK, my first question for warm body number 1-- if you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

LISETTE: Well, I'd be a Black Panther, stalker of the night. A very shapely, smooth, fast-running, wild animal.

SANDY: Nice.


HANSMAN: All right. I think she's blushing. I think we can tell.

SANDY: All right. OK, now do I go onto number two?

HANSMAN: Well, why don't you ask another question?

SANDY: OK. Warm body number one?


SANDY: This is about your first romantic kiss. What was your age, their age, and a brief description of the event?

LISETTE: OK, truthfully?

SANDY: Please.

SARAIKA: You're looking a little pink there.

LISETTE: Me? Truthfully, I was about four. And his name was Stephen Blevins.

And he was seven. And actually, when I was younger, I used to beat up my boyfriends. So I grabbed him and kissed him.

And that was pretty much the whole thing. But Steven and I still talk. It's not like it was an emotionally scarring event.

SANDY: Do you still beat up your boyfriends?


SANDY: Please say no.

LISETTE: Can I pass on that question?

SARAIKA: You can pass on that question.

SANDY: OK, warm body number two.

HANSMAN: OK. All right, new contestant now. Are you comfortable with the temperatures? You want to change the range or sensitivity here?

SANDY: Try to drop the sensitivity down just one or two notches.

HANSMAN: You want more sensitivity. All right. Actually, that's less sensitivity. There you go. OK, more sensitivity.

SANDY: Nice. OK, warm body number two, this is just to kind of get an idea of what you're like at parties. Do you prefer it when a guy comes up and meets you? Or do you like to go out and meet the guys?

WARM BODY NUMBER TWO: Well, since I'm usually dancing on the tables, I prefer to scan the audience and pick out my own.

SANDY: Oh. Nice. Table dancing, cool.

HANSMAN: Table dancing. And I think it's interesting that her nose is colder than the rest of her face. Did you notice that? OK, well that's all right.

SANDY: OK. Now, this is a morality question. Would you become romantically involved with a professor to raise your grade?

WARM BODY NUMBER TWO: Well, if it was a technical subject maybe. But if it was humanities, I'm already good at those.

SANDY: Nice, confidence. That's good.

SARAIKA: Why don't we move onto warm body number three?

HANSMAN: OK. Warm body three, what's your name?

ELSA: Elsa.

HANSMAN: Elsa. Are you happy with the temperatures?

SANDY: Everything's good. I like this. OK. This may embarrass you a little bit. But when I was a little kid, I really liked watching TV when I'd come home from kindergarten. So just to help me reminisce, I'd like you to sing part of the theme to Sesame Street.

ELSA: (SINGING) Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

SANDY: Nice, that's good. OK. And I assume you've seen the TV show Dukes of Hazard?

ELSA: Yes.

SANDY: And I just want to know who was your favorite? Was it Bo, Luke, Uncle Jesse, or Roscoe P. Coltrane? And Why?

ELSA: Actually, it was Roscoe. I think because he had a cool dog. But my best friend used to have this piggy bank that looked more like the sheriff. So I always had to play him. So I guess he was my favorite.

SANDY: OK, cool.

HANSMAN: OK well, is it time now?

SARAIKA: It's time to pick now, Sandy. Who's it going to be, warm body number one, warm body number two, or warm body number three?

SANDY: Pretty much just based on the dancing on the tables at parties, I think I have to pick contestant number two. All right.

SARAIKA: So why don't we meet the not-selected contestants first? Warm body number one. Come on up.

LISETTE: My name's not actually Lisette.


SARAIKA: How about warm body number two?


SARAIKA: And your table dancer herself, meet this warm body.



SARAIKA: All right, congratulations.

HANSMAN: All right, Sandy. Let me get your microphone and then we'll move on to the next.

SARAIKA: Let's move onto the next contestant now. We have Jill. Jill, why don't you come on up here?

HANSMAN: OK, Jill. Let me give you a microphone. And just we'll do it right here.

SARAIKA: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jill. What course are you and where are you from?

JILL: Well, I'm going to be course six. I'm from northern New Jersey. Let's see, what do I do on campus? I'm an APO. And it's good to be here.

HANSMAN: OK. Good. Now, what do you want to do with the temperatures? I think we should adjust the sensitivity. Right now we've got about 1 degree per color. I think we should make it about 1.5. Is that all right? Or are you happy with this picture?

JILL: Make it 1.5

HANSMAN: All right. We'll see what we get. Oh. OK. You happy with that one?

JILL: That looks fine.

HANSMAN: All right. So this is warm body number one. What's your name?

JIM: Jim.

HANSMAN: Jim, all right. It's all yours.

JILL: OK. Hello, Jim. Nice to meet you.

JIM: Hi.

HANSMAN: Jim's got glasses. You can tell. Look at his face. You can see those cold spots.

JILL: Those blue holes in his face. OK, Jim, if you could go anywhere in the world for a first date, where would you go?

JIM: I would go to Rome, I think.

JILL: Why?

JIM: Because they have good food.

JILL: All right, Jim. And what is your favorite color and why?

JIM: I guess blue because it's nice.

HANSMAN: That's a pretty in-depth answer there.

SARAIKA: Why don't we move on to warm body number two now?

JILL: OK. Warm body number two, what's your name?

JOSEPH: Joseph.

JILL: Hello, Joseph. Nice to meet you. And what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever said to a girl?

JOSEPH: The most embarrassing thing I've ever said is-- well, I didn't really say it. I actually [? z.row-ed ?] it to her.

JILL: Yeah, he's turning bright red. Go on, please.

JOSEPH: I had [? z.row-ed ?] her to ask her for a date.

JILL: Aw, that's sweet. All right. Another one. If you were a fruit, what would you be?

JOSEPH: I would be--

JILL: And why?

JOSEPH: --a banana.


SARAIKA: OK. We'll move on now to warm body number three and see what he has to say.

JILL: OK. What's your name?

PRASHANT: I'm Prashant.

JILL: Prashant?


JILL: OK, nice to meet you. What is your favorite type of music and why?

PRASHANT: Oh, music. Let's see. I think I like pretty much all types except for country western. But I would say, good old rock and roll.

JILL: And why?

PRASHANT: Why? Because I can get down and boogie to it.

HANSMAN: Watch out for this guy. He's another cold-nose guy.

SARAIKA: OK, well, I guess we're ready to pick right now. Is it going to be blue warm body number one, banana body number two? Or is it going to be the good old rock and roll, number three? Who's it going to be?

JILL: Hmm, hard choice between two and three. Let's see, I'll take number two.

HANSMAN: All right.

SARAIKA: OK, we'll go ahead and introduce you to who you didn't pick. Let's meet warm body number one.

JIM: Hey.

JILL: Hi, Jim. How are you?

SARAIKA: And warm body number three.

JILL: Over here, in the camera.

SARAIKA: And now, warm body number two. Banana won you over.

JILL: Cool.

HANSMAN: All right, great. Let me take your microphone and then we'll go to the next one.

SARAIKA: Thank you for playing. We'll move onto our next contestant on the Infrared Dating Game. We have with us today Ti. Ti, why don't you come on out here and introduce yourself?

HANSMAN: All right, Ti. All right, let me mike you up here first. You're all set.

SARAIKA: Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself, Ti? What course are you?

TI: Seven.

HANSMAN: What year are you?

TI: Freshman.

HANSMAN: OK. Are you ready to ask questions? First, let's look at the monitor. Tell me if you're happy with the colors. Do you like that? Or do you want to adjust the sensitivity?

TI: Yeah, that looks good.

HANSMAN: OK, all right. All right, Ti.

TI: All right. Contestant number one, in your sexiest voice, ask me out on a date?

CONTESTANT NUMBER ONE: So Ty, would you like to go out on a date tonight?

TI: OK, even though that's not my name. But that's cool. All right, I like a girl that can dance. So do your best dance for the camera.

CONTESTANT NUMBER ONE: I'm sorry. Could you repeat that?

TI: I like a girl that can dance. So do your best dance for the camera.

HANSMAN: All right. Keep that going. That's good.


HANSMAN: All right.


HANSMAN: Let's go to the next contestant, number two, or warm body number two. All right, and what's your name, number two?

JULIA: I'm Julia.

HANSMAN: Julia, all right. You're up.

TI: All right. If you were going to cook me dinner, what would it be and why?

JULIA: Well, what would you like? What is your favorite?

TI: All right, next question. All right, I want to know more about you. So make up a quick song about yourself and sing it.

JULIA: There's no way you're going to make me sing.

TI: All right, get her out of here.

SARAIKA: OK, warm body number two, she's [INAUDIBLE]. She's got an attitude. So we're going to move on to warm body number three.

TI: All right, contestant number three, what do you spend most of your time doing?

CONTESTANT NUMBER THREE: Thinking about you.


TI: So tell me why you're better than the other two contestants.

CONTESTANT NUMBER THREE: Well, if you will choose me you will know.

HANSMAN: All right, have you seen enough?

TI: Yeah.

HANSMAN: All right.


SARAIKA: Well, who's it going to be? Warm body one, two, or three?

TI: I guess I'll go with the last one.

SARAIKA: Let's meet who you didn't select today, warm body number one. Why don't you come out here and say hello?

TI: Hey. Hi. Hey.

SARAIKA: And warm body number two.

TI: Oh. Yeah, all right.

SARAIKA: And here she comes, warm body number three.


TI: All right, I'm out.


SARAIKA: And we're out here in Building 9, Room 450, if anybody wants to come out and be a contestant or a member of the studio audience. We're going to introduce our third contestant now. Her name is Veronica. Veronica, why don't you come on out here?

VERONICA: Do you guys have any questions?

SARAIKA: Oh, we're going to give Veronica a list of questions now.

HANSMAN: Veronica's doing some thinking as she goes here. OK, Veronica, we'll help you. OK. There you go.


HANSMAN: All right. So Veronica, this is the image. This is warm body number one. Are you happy with the image? Do you want to change it at all?

VERONICA: No, that's fine.

HANSMAN: OK, good. All right. And number one, what's your name?

JEFFREY: Jeffrey.

HANSMAN: Jeffrey, all right.

VERONICA: Hi. OK, Jeffrey, do you own a Rubik's cube?

JEFFREY: No. But I own a beautiful Buick to take you out in.

SARAIKA: What was that answer?

HANSMAN: Yeah, we didn't hear that answer.

JEFFREY: No. But I own a beautiful Buick with a big back seat.

VERONICA: Oh. OK. Are you legally blind?

JEFFREY: Ex-squeeze me?

VERONICA: Sorry. That's the question. Are you legally blind?

JEFFREY: Blinded by love.

HANSMAN: OK, all right. How about number two?

VERONICA: OK. Have you ever inhaled helium?

HORNY SMURF: You didn't ask me what my name was.


HANSMAN: What's your name?

HORNY SMURF: Horny Smurf.

HANSMAN: I don't think I believe it but that's OK.

VERONICA: OK. Well, have you ever inhaled helium?

HORNY SMURF: Sorry. What was that?

VERONICA: I think I'll skip that one. Do you know the Latin name for a fruit fly?

HORNY SMURF: A Latin name for what?

VERONICA: A fruit fly. That's OK. I don't either.


HANSMAN: There's a problem with this guy.

HORNY SMURF: I can think of several Latin words though.

HANSMAN: This guy doesn't have a nose, as far as I can tell.

VERONICA: Oh, there it is.

HANSMAN: Oh, there it is. OK, it's just cold. All right.

VERONICA: Do you know more than three programming languages?

JEFFREY: No, thank God.


SARAIKA: OK, let's go on to warm body number three now.

HANSMAN: All right, number three. Hey, this guy looks pretty mean here.

VERONICA: Hi, what's your name?

HANSMAN: What's your name, number three?

ERIC: Eric.

HANSMAN: Eric, all right. OK, you got a question for Eric?

VERONICA: OK, do your stocks mismatch?

ERIC: Not if you only buy one kind.

VERONICA: OK. Have you used a chemistry set?

ERIC: What's that?


SARAIKA: Let's do one more question.

HANSMAN: And then it's time to decide.

VERONICA: OK. Have you ever used the word asymptotic?

ERIC: Can you repeat that? Is that Latin?

HANSMAN: Have you ever used the word asymptotic?

ERIC: If you defined it for me. I only speak English.

HANSMAN: I think the answer is no.

SARAIKA: OK I think we're going to make a decision now. You have warm body number one, Horny Smurf, or warm body number three? Who's it going to be?


VERONICA: I'll take one.

SARAIKA: OK, one. Let's meet who you didn't pick today. Warm body number two, why don't you come on out here? The man with no nose. Warm body number three.


HANSMAN: Look to the camera.

SARAIKA: I'm sorry. This is warm body number one. Veronica, this is the man that you have chosen today. Why don't you come on out here and introduce yourself?




SARAIKA: OK, let's go ahead with the next contestant.

HANSMAN: All right, let me grab your-- oh.

SARAIKA: We'll thank Netscape for those questions. We're going to go on to our fourth contestant of the day. Where is our fourth contestant?

Our fifth contestant of the day. I'm sorry. I'm being corrected by the studio audience. OK, here she is.

HANSMAN: Here you go. And your name is?

BOEIN: My name's Shawn Boein.

HANSMAN: OK. And what year are you?

BOEIN: I'm a senior in Course 6-3.

HANSMAN: All right, OK. You're looking at warm body number one. Are you happy with the image?

BOEIN: Sure.

HANSMAN: OK, looks good. What's your name, number one?

PERRY: Perry.

HANSMAN: Perry, all right.

BOEIN: OK, Perry. What is the wildest thing you've ever done?

PERRY: I was hoping I hadn't done it yet.

BOEIN: Good answer. OK. well, since I'm technically oriented, I have to ask this question. What's the sexiest piece of equipment you own?

PERRY: My laptop.

BOEIN: And why do you like it so much? What do you like about it?

PERRY: It's very fast.

HANSMAN: OK, on to number two. OK. Number two, what's your name?

BRETT: My name is Brett.

HANSMAN: All right, Brett. Another no-nose here.

BOEIN: Hi, Brett. Do you watch Star Trek?

BRETT: I can't say I do that much.

BOEIN: Oh. OK. Well, we'll go onto another question. What is the favorite piece of clothing that you would wear to impress a lady?

BRETT: Hmm. Might be a hat.

BOEIN: Why would that impress someone?

BRETT: Hmm. I guess to hide my eyes.

BOEIN: Let's see--

HANSMAN: All right, why dont' we move on to number three?


HANSMAN: Warm body number three, what's your name?

JOCK: I'm Jock.

HANSMAN: All right, Jock. You're up. He looks pretty hot here.

BOEIN: Is that a good sign?

HANSMAN: I'm not sure.

BOEIN: OK, Jock. Describe a dream date.

JOCK: That would be with Natasha Henstridge. And we would go to a foreign city and eat good food. And then I'd get a lot of sleep afterwards.

BOEIN: OK. What is the nerdiest thing you've ever done?

JOCK: Gone to MIT.


SARAIKA: OK, I guess we're ready to make a decision. Is it going to be warm body number one, two, or three?

BOEIN: I'll take one.

SARAIKA: One. That means we get to meet two and three right now. Two, why don't you come on out here? Warm body two?

HANSMAN: Go ahead and look at the camera. Two, come back for a second. They need to see what you look like for real.

SARAIKA: Two, why don't you smile at the camera? Warm body number three.


SARAIKA: Wow, the non-selected contestants do not want to get close to the chooser here. We're bringing out warm body number one now. This is the one that you did pick. Everybody give him a big hand.

PERRY: I think it's time to leave.


HANSMAN: Whoa, whoa, whoa.



SARAIKA: OK, before we move on to our next contestant, we'll tell you again where we're coming from. This is the Center for Advanced Educational Services. We're in Building 9, room 450.

This is coming to you as part of the Charm School activities today. So this is Professor John Hansman. And he is our infrared consultant to the MIT Love lab, where we are making matches between MIT students and faculty in the MIT community today.

If you're interesting in being a contestant or a member of the studio audience, come on by. We'd welcome more people here. We're going to move onto our next contestant now. Her name is Margie. Margie, why don't you come on out here?

HANSMAN: All right, Margie.


HANSMAN: Put this on you here. OK, so Margie, what year are you?

MARGIE: I'm not a student.

HANSMAN: Oh, even better. OK. All right. And why don't we go ahead and start? You've got warm body number one on the monitor there. Are you comfortable with the image?

MARGIE: He has no hair.

HANSMAN: Well, it's got something up there. We'll see.

MARGIE: Yeah, I'm happy with him.

HANSMAN: You're happy with him, OK. Number one, what's your name?

LANCE: Lance.

HANSMAN: Lance. All right. Lance is all the same color. Does that worry you?

MARGIE: The yellow does a little bit.

HANSMAN: OK. Well actually, we can get rid of the yellow.

MARGIE: There we go. Lance, have you ever fingered anyone? On the computer?

LANCE: Yes and yes.

MARGIE: And did you enjoy it?

LANCE: Yes. I did.

MARGIE: OK. Do you have acne?

LANCE: No I don't. I keep myself very clean. I'm very hygienic.

MARGIE: Have you ever used an oscilloscope?

LANCE: No. But I'm sure if I were with you, we could have a lot of fun with it.


HANSMAN: All right.

MARGIE: Thanks, Lance.

HANSMAN: Let's move to the next guy. We've got warm body number two coming into the image. Do you want change that? Do you want to? Let's show the hot stuff.

MARGIE: All right. There we go. What's your name?

TRISTAN: Tristan.

MARGIE: Tristan, have you ever bought anything from Radio Shack?


MARGIE: Do you own a slide rule?


MARGIE: Do you know Maxwell's Equations?


MARGIE: Do you go to MIT?


MARGIE: Next guy.

HANSMAN: OK, warm body number three.

MARGIE: Hi, what's your name?

JULIAN: Julian.

MARGIE: Julian, do you know pi past five decimal places?

JULIAN: Did you say, do I know pi?

MARGIE: Past five decimal places.


MARGIE: Past any decimal places?

JULIAN: I do not think so.

MARGIE: All righty. Was your math SAT more than 300 points higher than your verbal?


MARGIE: Have you ever used a rare earth element?

JULIAN: No. But I'm willing to try.

MARGIE: And what would you do with it?

JULIAN: Whatever you want.

MARGIE: Ooh. And can you name more than 10 Star Trek episodes?

JULIAN: No, thank God.

MARGIE: OK. Is that it?

HANSMAN: You think you got enough?


HANSMAN: All right, OK. Which would you choose, number one, number two, or number three?

MARGIE: Number one.

HANSMAN: Number one, all right.

SARAIKA: Let's meet who you didn't pick. Let's bring out two and three here. Number two.

HANSMAN: Warm body number two.

SARAIKA: Give him a hand, number two, for playing the game. And number three, why don't you come on out here?

MARGIE: Hello.

SARAIKA: Get right up there in the camera. Shake your hand and smile out at everyone so they can all see you. Now we have the choice of choice men at MIT, warm body number one, why don't you come out here and meet Margie?


Give him a hand.

MARGIE: Thanks.

HANSMAN: All right. So I guess we're still looking for people to ask questions here at MIT. Most MIT undergraduates, apparently, are chicken. So we just lost the microphone. But if anybody wants to come up and participate in the Infrared Dating game come on up here.

While we're waiting, if we can move a warm body over there, maybe we can look at a few of the sort of things in the image. OK. We got some warm bodies lining up. And we have someone who's--

SARAIKA: We have our next contestant. Why don't we bring him out here? Our next contestant is Brett. Brett, why don't you come on out here and introduce yourself to everyone?

HANSMAN: All right, Brett, here. I'm going to put the mike on you.


HANSMAN: What year are you? Are you a student?

BRETT: I'm a grad student.


SARAIKA: What are you studying, Brett?

BRETT: I'm in the 6 and TPP.

HANSMAN: OK. And do you go to Oxford?

BRETT: No, just vacationed there.

HANSMAN: All right, stole the shirt. OK.

BRETT: Yeah.

HANSMAN: OK, warm body number one, what's your name?

CHRISTINA: Christina.

HANSMAN: OK, we have Christina on the monitor. Are you comfortable with the picture?

BRETT: As much as I can be, yeah.

HANSMAN: OK. That's all you're going to get.

BRETT: Hi, Christina.


BRETT: Let's see. Do you own anything that is radio controlled?

CHRISTINA: I don't think so. No.

BRETT: Good, good. And if we were to go on a date in Boston, where would you like to go?

CHRISTINA: I'd rather walk all over Boston. Because it's fun and I don't trust guys in cars.

BRETT: OK. And where would you like to walk to?

CHRISTINA: I don't really know. Anywhere you wanted to walk to.


HANSMAN: All right, you want to go to number two. OK? Right, warm body number two is coming up on the image there. So you have a question for number two.

BRETT: Here's a rather direct one. Is your weight less than your IQ?

NUMBER TWO: Um-- yes.

BRETT: That was a loaded question, wasn't it? Have you ever corrected a Professor?


BRETT: Hmm. Is your vision worse than 20/40?

NUMBER TWO: I have perfect vision.

BRETT: Great. Very good. OK.

SARAIKA: Let's move on to the next contestant here. Or the next warm body, I'm sorry.

HANSMAN: OK, warm body number three, what's your name?

SHARI: Shari.


BRETT: Have you ever designed a multi-step chemical synthesis?

NUMBER TWO: Now. I don't know what it is.

BRETT: Have you ever read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?


BRETT: Have you ever worked on a Friday night?

NUMBER TWO: I'm a grad student. So I'd say, yes.

BRETT: That's OK. We all have. OK.

HANSMAN: All right. You have enough, do you think, to make a choice?

BRETT: I believe so.


SARAIKA: OK, who's it going to be? Is it going to be warm body number one, warm body number two and warm body number three? What does the audience think?


BRETT: I'm going to go with number two.

HANSMAN: All right, two. All right.

SARAIKA: Warm body number two has been selected. So let's go ahead and meet who you didn't pick today. Warm body number one, why don't you come on out here and say hello?


SARAIKA: And warm body number three.



SARAIKA: Now let's meet who you did pick, warm body number two.

BRETT: Hello.

SARAIKA: This is a match made at MIT, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for playing.

HANSMAN: All right, let me grab you here. OK.

SARAIKA: Well, we want to thank everyone for coming out today. I want to announce another event that's going to be taking place here at the Center for Advanced Educational Services. Michael Holly will be speaking on Bits of Life, reflections on the digital renaissance. It's going to taking place in room 34-101 at 4:00 PM tomorrow. And you can watch it live on MIT cable again. Thanks everyone, for coming out today. Thanks Professor Hansman for being our infrared consultant. And thanks everyone here at the center. I hope everyone's enjoying charm school today.