MIT Excellence Awards

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PRESENTER: Good afternoon.

AUDIENCE: Good afternoon.

PRESENTER: I just want to acknowledge the enthusiasm in the room. I love the pom poms. I love the pictures. I love the horns.

PRESENTER: It's a truism that the excellence of an institution like this is built really on only one thing, the excellence of its people. And that's what we, in fact, are here to celebrate.

PRESENTER: These reliable, persevering, and results-oriented individuals consistently go beyond the call of duty.

PRESENTER: They exemplify a passion for excellence to which we should all aspire.

PRESENTER: It's also just a real privilege to, once a year, stand up and cheer for those who make the world go around for the rest of us.

PRESENTER: For their commitment to service and for creating a supportive international community that transcends the barriers of age, language, politics, culture, and religion.

PRESENTER: All students consider her a kind of department oracle, a godsend, a bulldog in their corner, and generally dynamite.

PRESENTER: It is important for us to remember that excellence is not effortless, that it comes from very hard and continuous work.

PRESENTER: I offer my heartiest congratulations to all of you who will receive excellence awards today. You do MIT proud.

PRESENTER: We have only just begun. And we are in for many, many years of a wonderful tradition of acknowledging the good work of our colleagues.