MIT Professor Tunney Lee

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SPEAKER: When you move to Chinatown-- you leave the village and the town, you arrived in Chinatown, which is a very close community, partly by choice, but also partly by discrimination. But it was a classic, urban village. It was one in which people knew each other, and trusted each other.

And it was a small-- small, few hundred families, at the most. But it has certainly affected always my view of community, view of neighborhoods, view of how you-- you know, it extends all the way to my professional life. It's like, my interest in neighborhoods has always been there.

One of the most gratifying things to me has always been some student coming to me that says, you know when I took your course, I didn't know what the hell are you were talking about. I didn't know why you made us do that. He says, yeah, you know, now, now it makes sense. I said, thank you. That's the-- yeah.