MIT Science Reporter—"Automatically Programmed Tools" (Excerpt)

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REPORTER: Now, if we have been using these numerically controlled machines successfully for two years now, what is the need for this A-P-T or APT?

PRESENTER: Let's take a look at this diagram over here. The key to Numerical Control is the instructions contained on this piece of paper tape. In order to get these instructions, however, there is a large amount of data processing required. Because the basic information is contained on an engineering drawing like this.

From the engineering drawing here, we process the data to get the numerical commands. Now, up to date, most of this data processing has been done manually by human operators with the aid of simple machine devices, like desk calculators. In a few instances, computers have been used.

Now APT will materially reduce the time required to process this data. Through use of APT we can go very quickly, therefore, run this engineering drawing through the data processing and then get the numerical commands.