Professor Jerry Milgram—Marine Detective

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MILGRAM: When you do marine accident investigations, I like it to being a detective. A sea-going Sherlock Holmes. And that's fun.

SPEAKER 2: technology goes wrong, Jerry's very interested in tackling these problems.

MILGRAM: One of the things I've learned about marine accidents, is nine times out of 10, there's a chain of many mistakes. And if any one of those many mistakes had not happened, there would be no accident.

EDMONDS: When I have worked with him, when he's been an expert witness in cases, he takes a very careful and scientific data-driven approach to things. My name as marine investigator and consultant came around, and the lawyers started knocking on the door. I spent an awful lot of time sparring with lawyers on the other side during depositions. I gave them a very hard time. And I do remember once during the break, one of the lawyers saying he's being awfully precise MIL definite with me.