Remembering Margaret MacVicar

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GOLDENBERG: She was an educator, a catalyst, an innovator.

GRAY: She had the ability to step up to almost any challenge or opportunity.

BELLINGHAM: She was a person who could hold 30 different projects together and still have time to go up to her farm in Maine for the weekend.

GRAY: She was not a person who was easily discouraged.

GOLDENBERG: She fought for her students.

BELLINGHAM: She held us to high standards.

GRAY: And she had a certain inner strength and inner confidence.

GOLDENBERG: She was also a wonderful human being.

GRAY: A great colleague and a great friend.

Beginning in the summer of 1969, she began preparing the way for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, as it came to be called. As I recall, that first Fall, there were just 20 or 30 students who participated. There was a UROP office. She was it.

GOLDENBERG: Yeah, she prided herself on putting that program forward with relatively little money. It's Margaret who once told me that every student is an irreplaceable asset.

BELLINGHAM: There's a piece of her in every one of us, and it makes us stronger, more capable people.