"Ashdown House: The Home Where Science and Technology Live" (Trailer)

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PRESENTER: This is the story of Ashdown House, the first graduate dormitory at MIT, but the second oldest in the United States. On December 1, 1937, the Institute acquired the entire property of the Riverbank Court Hotel-- at one time, the only hotel in Cambridge-- just across from Massachusetts Avenue and Memorial Drive on the banks of the Charles River.

For the 68 years, graduate students from all over the world have lived in this house. Many of them have played an important role in shaping the history of the 20th century.

MAN: That winter of '47, '48, Robert Frost was the poet in residence. And he gave readings in 10250 and he also gave readings in the dormitories. And he did come to the graduate house one day, and I can claim to say that I sat at his feet and listened to him read his poetry.

HUXLEY: Brave New World is a study of the future as it may be unless we are extremely careful. It depicts a society in which man has replaced nature by science, morality by drugs, individuality by total conformity. It is a hideous prospect, yet we seem to turn in to follow this path of self destruction. But Brave New World need not be up our future. The choice, after all, is always in our own hands.