Infra-Red Dating Game—MIT Love Lab (Excerpt)

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MODERATOR: I'm [INAUDIBLE], and I'm going to your host for this afternoon. With me today is Professor John Hansman. He is our infrared consultant to the MIT Love Lab. So we're going to tell you the rules of the game now.

HANSMAN: Okay. Basically, we're going to run this a lot like the original dating game, but we've got a little twist here. We're going to let people see the contestants, or what we call warm bodies, in the infrared spectrum.

MODERATOR: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jill. What course are you in? Where are you from?

JILL: Well, I'm going to be course 6. I'm from northern New Jersey. Let's see, what do I do on campus? I'm an APO. And it's good to be here.

HANSMAN: So this is warm body number one. What's your name?

JIM: Jim.

HANSMAN: Jim, all right. Okay, it's all yours.

JILL: Okay. Hello, Jim. Nice to meet you.

JIM: Hi.

HANSMAN: Jim's got glasses. You can tell. Look at his face. You can see those cold spots.

JILL: Blue holes in his face.


JILL: Okay, Jim, if you could go anywhere in the world for a first date, where would you go?

JIM: I would go to Rome, I think.

JILL: Why?

JIM: Because they have good food.

JILL: All right, Jim. And what is your favorite color and why?

JIM: I guess blue because it's nice.

HANSMAN: That's a pretty in-depth answer there.

MODERATOR: Why don't we move onto warm body number two now.

JILL: Okay.


Warm body number two, what's your name?

JOESPH: Joseph.

JILL: Hello, Joseph. Nice to meet you. And what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever said to a girl?

JOESPH: The most embarrassing thing I've ever said is-- well, I didn't really say it. I actually zeroed it to her.

JILL: He is turning bright red. Go on, please.

JOESPH: I had zeroed her to ask her for a date.

JILL: Aw, that's sweet. All right, another one-- if you were a fruit, what would you be?

JOESPH: I would be a--

JILL: And why?

JOESEPH: --a banana.


MODERATOR: Okay. We'll move on now to warm body number three and see what he has to say.

JILL: Okay, what's your name?

PRASHANT: I'm Prashant.

JILL: Krishan?


JILL: Okay, nice to meet you. What is your favorite type of music and why?

PRASHANT: Oh, music-- let's see. I think I like pretty much all types except for country or western. But I would say good old rock and roll.

JILL: And why?

PRASHANT: Why? Because I can get down and boogie.

HANSMAN: And watch out for this guy. He's another cold-nosed guy, okay.

MODERATOR: Okay, well, I guess we're ready to pick right now. Is it going to be blue warm body number one, banana body number two, or is it going to be the good old rock and roll number three? Who's it going to be?

JILL: Hm, hard choice between two and three. Let's see. I'll take number two.

HANSMAN: All right.

MODERATOR: You've warm body number two. Banana won you over.