Sloan Energy Finance Forum

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MONIZ: This is in some sense the challenge of the century. We need to address energy.

LO: Financial infrastructure is absolutely essential for innovation.

HOLDREN: This is an immense challenge. We not only have to think big, we have to think huge.

HOCKFIELD: It's easy to get excited about new energy technologies, projects around new batteries, advances in nuclear power, new ways to tap sources like the sun, the wind, waves.

MYERS: Tackling this problem, and we can tackle this problem, will require innovative approaches combining all the financing capabilities and tools available to the private sector, the federal government, and state governments.

ROBERTS: We are fortunately at a place that is number one or number two in terms of institutions that have successfully fostered innovation.

HOCKFIELD: We're advancing the frontiers of energy research. We're educating a new generation of energy pioneers. We're turning our research into innovations that will transform the way the world gets its energy. And we'll create new industries in the process.

OBAMA: I'm confident that's what's happening right here at this extraordinary institution. And I'm confident that all of America is going to be pulling in one direction to make sure that we are the energy leader that we need to be.