Aaron Koblin

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PRESENTER: Most of my work deals with exploring data trails and kind of looking at our changing relationship to data. I think we're all aware that there's an increasing quantity of mediated transactions, digitally mediated transactions, between people and people, people and computers, and even computers and computers. And they're leaving behind really interesting traces, and really interesting stories are being told through the data that they're leaving behind.

So I'm interested in methods of communicating that data, particularly in those there contextualized and personal. So in re-embodying that data, and bringing it back to the context that it was originally gathered. This way it's meaningful and kind of culturally significant.

I met up with another director named Chris Milk, and we started to talk about some my crowd sourcing experiments and kind of the idea of people working together. What would happen if we unified people behind a single cause, and kind of empower them to participate in building something great? He was equated with Rick Rubin, who had the final album of Johnny Cash and this track "Ain't No Grave".

And we thought it was extremely appropriate that since there was no video for this, to actually use the power of fans memories and kind of make this tribute to him. Kind of resurrecting him, if you will, from fans contributions. And I'll show you, actually, I'll just go and show you the video, one version of the video, right now.